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  1. Cybersecurity Challenges in Downstream Steel Production Processes (2022)

    Joaquín Ordieres-Meré, Andreas Wolff, Antonia Pacios-Álvarez, Antonio Bello-García
    Abstract The goal of this paper is to explore proposals coming from different EU-RFCS research funded projects, in such a way that cybersecurity inside the steel industry can be increased from the Operational Technology area, with the current level of adopted Information Technology solutions. The dissemination project Control In Steel has reviewed different projects with different strategies, including ideas to be developed inside the Auto Surveillance project. An advanced control process strategy is considered and cloud based solutions are the main analysed alternatives. The different steps in the model lifecycle are considered where different cloud configurations provide different solutions. Advanced techniques such as UMAP projection are proposed to be used as detectors for anomalous behaviour in the continuous development / continuous implementation strategy, suitable for integration in processing workflows